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Costa Rica, January 2006

<p>Armando Soto (INB) and Lynn Bohs (UT) in Parque Nacional Tapant&iacute;.</p>

<p>Armando Soto and Lynn Bohs collecting an undescribed species of Solanum section Geminata in Parque Nacional Tapant&iacute;.</p>

<p>Lynn pressing Solanum specimens in Parque Nacional Tapant&iacute;. S. rudepannum (in press), S. pluviale (left), S. section Geminata sp. nov. (foreground).</p>

<p>Undescribed species of Solanum section Geminata from Parque Nacional Tapant&iacute; (Soto et al. 1226).</p>

<p>Lynn recording words of wisdom from Solanaceae guru Bill Haber at Monteverde.</p>

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