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Costa Rica, January 2006

  • Collection trip: Republic of Costa Rica
    Date collected: January 2006
    Participants: Dr Lynn Bohs

    Collecting in the Tapantí Reserve yielded the two most significant finds of the trip: S. pluviale (an overlooked species of section Torva) and an undescribed species of Solanum section Geminata, known only from two previous Costa Rican collections. The last several days were spent collecting at Monteverde, a solanaceous haven. With Bill Haber’s guidance, the countryside was vacuumed of Solanaceae, with 23 species from the family collected on a single day. The highlight was a probable new Cestrum species from drier areas of the San Luis Valley.

<p>Armando Soto (INB) and Lynn Bohs (UT) in Parque Nacional Tapant&iacute;.</p>

<p>Armando Soto and Lynn Bohs collecting an undescribed species of Solanum section Geminata in Parque Nacional Tapant&iacute;.</p>

<p>Lynn pressing Solanum specimens in Parque Nacional Tapant&iacute;. S. rudepannum (in press), S. pluviale (left), S. section Geminata sp. nov. (foreground).</p>

<p>Undescribed species of Solanum section Geminata from Parque Nacional Tapant&iacute; (Soto et al. 1226).</p>

<p>Lynn recording words of wisdom from Solanaceae guru Bill Haber at Monteverde.</p>

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