Solanaceae Source

A global taxonomic resource for the nightshade family

Peru, October - November 2005

<p>Fig. 1. Cerro Campana in the north of Peru near to Trujillo.</p>

Fig. 2. Solanum montanum, growing on Lomas de Flor de Amancaea, just outside Lima. Note the clavate stigma, characteristic of section Regmandra.

<p>Fig. 3. Solanum montanum from Lomas de Flor de Amancaes showing the large underground swollen stem. The swollen part is particularly large in this example, especially considering the relatively small size of the aerial parts of the plant.</p>

<p>Fig. 4. Solanum multifidum, growing along the Pan American highway at Pasamayo. Note the water droplets that have condensed on the plant (see next slide).</p>

<p>Fig. 4b. Water droplets on Solanum multifidum.</p>

<p>Fig. 5. Flowers of Solanum multifidum.</p>

<p>Suzi Castillo and Jon Bennett pressing collections of Solanum multifidum in the lomas at Pasamayo, Peru.</p>

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