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Peru, November - December 2007

<p>Solanum-filled hills near Chatarra, Oxapampa. We stayed at this rustic field station and collected for three days.</p>

<p>Eric, Jos&eacute; Mateo, and Mar&iacute;a Paz at HOXA.</p>

<p>Waterfall near Yuncullmas, Oxapampa.</p>

<p>Lunch time: C&eacute;sar the chofer opening his can of tuna the macho way.</p>

<p>Jos&eacute; and Eric pressing plants by candlelight.</p>

<p>Coca tea at 5000 m.</p>

<p>The imposing Huascar&aacute;n, 6768 m.</p>

<p>The top of the 3000 m descent from Celend&iacute;n to Balsas, Cajamarca.</p>

<p>&quot;That&rsquo;s the road?!?&quot;</p>

<p>Curious locals. Segundo and Stephen with Solanum wendlandii Hook.f.. Mario told her that we were shamans!</p>

Solanum nemorense Dunal from the Alto Mayo area, San Martín.

<p>Eric and Mario get help from the local experts in Buenos Aires.</p>

<p>The bizarre fruits of Solanum chamaepolybotryon Bitter.</p>

<p>Segundo, Mario, and Stephen pressing plants.</p>

<p>Success! Stephen, Segundo, and Eric celebrate after collecting a spiny Solanum after a long hike.</p>

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