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Dr Lynn Bohs

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University of Utah
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United States
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To coordinate and oversee project management, share in field and herbarium work, and contribute taxonomic treatments, especially of species in the Cyphomandra and Leptostemonum clades. Molecular phylogenetic work on Solanum groups outside the Potato clade will be concentrated at the University of Utah. Graduate and undergraduate students and a post-doc will receive training here in all aspects of the project. The University of Utah serves as the awardee organization for the PBI: Solanum grant and enquiries regarding administration or funding of this proposal should be directed to Lynn Bohs.


(Ph.D. Harvard University, 1986) An Associate Professor in the Biology Department at the University of Utah, she is a taxonomic authority on Solanaceae and various groups within Solanum. In addition, she is examining phylogenetic relationships in the family and genus using sequence data from several chloroplast and nuclear genes.

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