Solanaceae Source

A global taxonomic resource for the nightshade family

Northern and Central Peru - April to June 2013

  • Collection trip: Republic of Peru
    Date collected:
    April 2013 to June 2013

    Tiina Sarkinen and Sandy Knapp are in the field in Peru to study niche width and conservation risk for endemic nighshades. Follow the field work blog on the NHM's Nature Plus blog stream  Seeking wild nightshades in South America or on Tiina's new blog stream at Edinburgh as part of Botanics Stories

    Funded by the National Geographic Society through its Northern Europe Exploration Fund, Tiina and Sandy are collecting Solanaceae in Peru - this time in the northern part of the country. The project is part of a larger study on the correlation between where plants grow - their range - and the ecological conditions in which they thrive - their niche.

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