Solanaceae Source

A global taxonomic resource for the nightshade family

Patagonia and Mendoza, Argentina - January to February 2013

  • Collection trip: Argentine Republic
    Date collected:
    January 2013 to February 2013

    With help from the NHM Collections Acquisitions Fund and the Pederson Fund of CONICET, Sandy Knapp, Gloria Barboza and Franco Chiarini went on the hunt for rare basal lineages of Solanaceae in Argentine Patagonia. We were accompanied by cytogeneticist and grass expert Juan Urdampilleta on this epic journey from Córboda to the Río Santa Cruz and back again - an 8,000 km journey! We drove down the east side of the region, near the coast, and then back via the Andes - seeing amazing plants, people and places along the way. Patagonia is truly impressive, the horizon goes on forever and the towns are few and far between. We found the enigmatic Petunia patagonica - not a Petunia at all, and maybe even a new genus! Benthamiella, a tiny cushion plant, and Pantacantha, a spiny shrub were two other highlights. Sandy blogged from the field, and you can follow the journey on the NHM's Nature Plus blog stream  Seeking wild nightshades in South America

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