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Collecting Solanaceae from the Amazon, Andes, and Western Coast of Ecuador (January to February, 2009)

<p>Eric and Stephen with the catch of the day, a new species of Solanum, at the Limoncocha Biological Reserve</p>

<p>A local resident of the Limoncocha Biological Reserve</p>

<p>A spiny member of Solanum section Erythrotrichum.</p>

<p>Eric thinks it is funny that Stephen will have to press the giant inflorescence of this member of Solanum section Torva.</p>

Solanum splendens (Dunal) Bohs at the Río Palenque Biological Reserve.

<p>Eric realizes the problem with working on viny Solanums- they can climb better than we can.</p>

<p>A well-defended caterpillar at the Bilsa Biological Reserve.</p>

<p>Stephen with the prize- a new species of Solanum!</p>

<p>This new species of Solanum&nbsp;from Ecuador&nbsp;was hard to overlook!</p>

<p>Stephen thrilled that the 4-hour mule ride is over</p>

<p>The magnificent Volc&aacute;n Chimborazo (6384 m).</p>

<p>The summit of Cerro Montecristi, a hill that changes from a desert-like scrub forest at the base to a lush tropical forest at the summit.</p>

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