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Exploring Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago (December, 2008)

  • Collection trip: Co-operative Republic of Guyana, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
    Date collected: December 2008
    Participants: Dr Stephen Stern

    This two-week trip was focused on collecting some of the unusual Solanaceae of the unique flora of the Guiana Shield. Collections largely took place in the Iwokrama Reserve in Guyana and on the island of Tobago.

An exciting find- Solanum monachophyllum Dunal. This species grows along the riverbanks and during the rainy season can be under 3 meters of water.

<p>Stephen pressing plants in the comfort of the Iwokrama Reserve Field Station.</p>

<p>Some of the locals were a bit wary of the botanist.</p>

<p>A toad that was well hidden on the forest floor.</p>

<p>Stephen, dirty and smelly, but happy to be collecting plants.</p>

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