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Brazil, August 2008

<p>Fig1. Members of the Solanaceae roundtable discussion group.</p>

<p>Fig 2. Solanum&nbsp;absconditum&nbsp;Agra, a species currently in press for publication with Lynn in the background.</p>

<p>Fig 3. Stephen collecting Solanum&nbsp;absconditum&nbsp;Agra&nbsp;as night falls.</p>

<p>The fruit of&nbsp;Solanum polytrichum Moric., a member of the Brazilian endemic Polytrichum group., a member of the Brazilian endemic Polytrichum group.</p>

<p>Fig 5. The lovely, but spiny, Solanum paraibanum&nbsp;Agra.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Fig 6. &nbsp;Solanum&nbsp;jabrense&nbsp;Agra &amp; M.Nee, a species narrowly endemic to the &quot;mata serrana&quot; forests of Pico de Jabre in Northeastern Brazil.</p>

<p>Fig 7. Lynn and F&aacute;tima with Solanum paludosum&nbsp;Moric. in the Atalantic Coastal Forest near Jo&atilde;o Pessoa.</p>

<p>Fig 8. One of the faunal elements of the &quot;caatinga&quot; forest.</p>

<p>Fig 9. Relaxing on the beach near Jo&atilde;o Pessoa.</p>

<p>Fig 10. Lynn and Stephen immersing themselves in the culture of northeastern Brazil as the bandits Lampi&atilde;o and Maria Bonita.</p>

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