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Brazil, August 2008

  • Collection trip: Federative Republic of Brazil
    Date collected: November 2012

    Upon arrival we met with our collaborator and guide for the trip Dr. Fátima Agra (JPB) of the Univerdidade Federal de Paraíba who lead the Solanaceae session of the meeting (Fig1).

    The collecting trip was focused in the state of Paraíba with a brief foray into Pernambuco and Ceará states in order to collect Solanum absconditum Agra (Fig 2 & 3), a species that is currently in press for publication. Other interesting collections include Solanum polytrichum Moric. (Fig 4) and Solanum paraibanum Agra (Fig 5) from the Atlantic Coastal forest and Solanum jabrense Agra & M.Nee (Fig 6) from the "caatinga" forests.

<p>Fig1. Members of the Solanaceae roundtable discussion group.</p>

<p>Fig 2. Solanum&nbsp;absconditum&nbsp;Agra, a species currently in press for publication with Lynn in the background.</p>

<p>Fig 3. Stephen collecting Solanum&nbsp;absconditum&nbsp;Agra&nbsp;as night falls.</p>

<p>The fruit of&nbsp;Solanum polytrichum Moric., a member of the Brazilian endemic Polytrichum group., a member of the Brazilian endemic Polytrichum group.</p>

<p>Fig 5. The lovely, but spiny, Solanum paraibanum&nbsp;Agra.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Fig 6. &nbsp;Solanum&nbsp;jabrense&nbsp;Agra &amp; M.Nee, a species narrowly endemic to the &quot;mata serrana&quot; forests of Pico de Jabre in Northeastern Brazil.</p>

<p>Fig 7. Lynn and F&aacute;tima with Solanum paludosum&nbsp;Moric. in the Atalantic Coastal Forest near Jo&atilde;o Pessoa.</p>

<p>Fig 8. One of the faunal elements of the &quot;caatinga&quot; forest.</p>

<p>Fig 9. Relaxing on the beach near Jo&atilde;o Pessoa.</p>

<p>Fig 10. Lynn and Stephen immersing themselves in the culture of northeastern Brazil as the bandits Lampi&atilde;o and Maria Bonita.</p>

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