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Cerro Fabrega, Panama, March 2006

<p>Fig. 1. Looking into Costa Rica and the Cordillera de Talamanca from near the summit of Cerro Fabrega.</p>

<p>Fig. 2. Oak forest on slopes of Cerro Pittier (see Alex in white cap in lower left of photograph for scale).</p>

<p>Fig. 3. Cerro Fabrega in the clouds - the vegetation above the tree line is a mixture of shrubs and bamboo.</p>

<p>Fig. 4. Paulino, Genaro and Alex in the Itamut camp.</p>

Fig. 5. Solanum storkii.

Cerro Fabrega, Panama

Cerro Fabrega, Panama

<p>Fig. 8. Solanum vacciniiflorum flowers.</p>

<p>Fig. 9. Alan Hartmann and team going to collect near Fabrega.</p>

<p>Fig. 10. Mireya Correa discussing the new PMA herbarium.</p>

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