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Australia, January - February 2006

  • Collection trip: Commonwealth of Australia
    Date collected:
    January 2006 to February 2006
    Participants: Tony Bean, Dr Lynn Bohs

    Significant collections included rare Solanums such as S. papaverifolium, S. dissectum, and S. spirale as well as beautiful and mysterious species such as S. elachophyllum, S. gympiense, S. acanthodapis, and S. stupefactum. In addition to fascinating Solanums, cockatoos, bower birds, cat birds, lyre birds, water dragons, wallabies, kangaroos, and flying foxes were observed. Leeches also made their appearance on a trip to Bartle Frere, Queensland’s highest mountain, but a collection of S. macoorai in full fruit made it all worth it.

<p>Lynn Bohs (UT) and Tony Bean (BRI) collecting Solanum&nbsp;nobile near Tenterfield, New South Wales.</p>

<p>Isaac River crossing near Marlborough, Queensland. Trees lining banks are Melaleuca fluviatile.</p>

Adventitious roots of S. acanthodapis, enabling it to creep along the ground’s surface. Australia, New South Wales, February 2006 (Bohs & Bean 3575)

<p>Solanum gympiense, collected in Goochie State Forest N of Gympie, Queensland.</p>

S. gympiense, collected in Goochie State Forest N of Gympie, Queensland, January 2006. (Bohs & Bean 3539)

<p>Lynn Bohs collecting S. nobile near Tenterfield, New South Wales.</p>

The extremely rare Solanum papaverifolium encountered as a spontaneous plant in flower bed of Ian Menkins, Oakey, Queensland (Bohs 3538)

<p>Solanum stenopterum from Oakey, Queensland.</p>

<p>Tony Bean with Solanum. stupefactum from &quot;Solanum hill&quot;, Mt. Binga State Forest, SE of Cooyar, Queensland.</p>

Solanum. stupefactum from "Solanum hill", Mt. Binga State Forest, SE of Cooyar, Queensland (Bohs & Bean 3557).

<p>Incubation mound of bush turkey, Bunya Mountains National Park, Queensland.</p>

Solanum elachophyllum, collected at Junee Tableland, NW of Marlborough, Queensland. (Bohs & Bean 3543)

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