Solanaceae Source

A global taxonomic resource for the nightshade family

Ecuador, August 2005

<p>Canoe trip to Cordillera Winchinkiaim.</p>

<p>Crossing Pastaza river.</p>

<p>David Neill in the field.</p>

<p>Expedition team.</p>

<p>Gabriel Tapuy guide.</p>

<p>Photographing Solanaceae.</p>

<p>Shuar Village, Cordillera del Condor.</p>

<p>Solanum barbeyanum, prior to collection (JLC, 9400).</p>

<p>Solanum barbeyanum, prior to collection (JLClark 9400).</p>

<p>Solanum nemorense, prior to collection (JLC, 9185).</p>

<p>Solanum nemorense, prior to collection (JLC, 9215).</p>

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