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Ecuador, August 2005

  • Collection trip: Republic of Ecuador
    Date collected: August 2005
    Participants: Dr John L Clark

    Highlights of the expedition were locating Solanum barbeyanum and Solanum nemorense, two species that have not been sequenced and perhaps belong to basal lineages of the large subgenus Leptostemonum of the genus Solanum. Other highlights include research conducted in the Bosque Protector Arutam in the Pastaza province; Cordilleras Shaime and Winchinkiaim Naint on the border regions of Ecuador and Peru in the province of Morona-Santiago; the Estación Biológica Jatun Sacha in the Napo province; and the Yanayacu Biological Station in the Napo province.

    Plant exploration along the southern border of Ecuador and Peru has been nearly impossible for most of the last decade because of military conflicts between the two countries. Even though Ecuador and Peru signed a treaty in 1998, the region is still largely unexplored because the native Shuar people do not take kindly to outside visitors (e.g., conservationists, oil developers, tourists, and even other Ecuadorians). This expedition had the fortuitous opportunity to join David Neill and the Missouri Botanical Garden (MO) with the National Herbarium of Ecuador (QCNE) to visit the region of the Cordillera del Condor on a long-term collaborative project that was initiated in 2000.

<p>Canoe trip to Cordillera Winchinkiaim.</p>

<p>Crossing Pastaza river.</p>

<p>David Neill in the field.</p>

<p>Expedition team.</p>

<p>Gabriel Tapuy guide.</p>

<p>Photographing Solanaceae.</p>

<p>Shuar Village, Cordillera del Condor.</p>

<p>Solanum barbeyanum, prior to collection (JLC, 9400).</p>

<p>Solanum barbeyanum, prior to collection (JLClark 9400).</p>

<p>Solanum nemorense, prior to collection (JLC, 9185).</p>

<p>Solanum nemorense, prior to collection (JLC, 9215).</p>

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