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Ecuador, March - April 2005

  • Collection trip: Republic of Ecuador
    Date collected:
    March 2005 to April 2005

    Approximately 2 weeks were spent in the field, concentrating on collecting Solanaceae in southern Ecuador (Provs. Azuay, Loja, Zamora-Chinchipe). From Quito the participants flew to Cuenca, where they visited Herbario Azuay (AZUAY). They then drove south through Loja, visited Herbario LOJA, and continued south to Zumba, almost at the Peruvian border, collecting along the way.

    Habitats ranged from dry valleys and slopes around Oña and Vilcabamba to wet cloud forest at the Jocotoco Forest Reserve. Collecting highlights included an undescribed species of Solanum sect. Pachyphylla near Zumba, numerous examples of sects. Basarthrum and Anarrhichomenum, and Solanum asteropilodes (sect. Torva) near Oña.

Lynn Bohs and John Clark collecting Solanum specimens in southern Ecuador, April 2005.

Nestor and Sandy León with Solanum cf. crinitum.

<p>Solanum leiophyllum (Bohs et al. 3320).</p>

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