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Bolivia, April - May 2007

  • Collection trip: Plurinational State of Bolivia
    Date collected:
    April 2007 to May 2007

    At the end of April and through the first half of May, Michael Nee (NY), Donald McClelland (NY), and Stephen Stern (UT) collected in Bolivia. The trip itself was broken into several sub-trips. The first sub-trip was a 10 day drive from Santa Cruz in the lowlands up to Cochabamba in the Andes via the "New Road" and back through the mountains via the "Old Road". On this trip Michael, Donald, and Stephen were joined by Fabian Michelangeli, also of The New York Botanical Garden, and two Bolivian college students Oscar Colque and Ronald Flores. The route taken led through a wide range of habitats and yielded a wealth of specimens including a couple of new species of Solanum.

    On the next sub-trip, Donald and Stephen along with Aquilino Molina, another Bolivian college student, flew to the town of Trinidad in the Amazon Basin. Here along with other interesting plants, they collected the world’s 4th and 5th specimens of Solanum moxosense M.Nee named a mere five months earlier by Michael.

    On the final sub-trip Michael took Stephen and Donald to the Chaco and an area of fixed dunes south of Santa Cruz. This sojourn yielded Solanum turneroidese Chodat, interesting because of its explosive berries.

<p>Collecting stop along the New Road to Cochabamba, vicinity of Villa Tunari.</p>

<p>Stephen Stern (L) and Fabian Michelangeli collect in a river bed along the New Road to Cohcabamba.</p>

<p>A collecting stop along the New Road to Cochabamba.</p>

<p>Fabian Michelangeli (L) sorts and packs silic dried collection while Stephen Stern (R) labels digital photographs at the hotel in Cochabamba, Bolivia.</p>

<p>View of Toncoli, Bolivia, in the rain (New Road to Cochabamba). Note the Solanum caricaefolium Rusby infructescence on the dashboard.</p>

<p>A collecting stop along the road to Tablas Monte.</p>

<p>Michael Nee and Oscar Colque pressing collections along the Old Road from Cochabamba.</p>

<p>Nearing Pojo, Bolivia, along the Old Road from Cochabamba.</p>

<p>Roland Flores (L) and Oscar Colque (R) seemed very excited to spend the night Pojo, Bolivia.</p>

<p>The students&#39; room at the Pension Ricon El Pojenito. Michael Nee preparing to lecture on the origin of domesticated squashes. Right to left Oscar Colque, Michael Nee, Roland Flores, Fabian Michelangeli, and Stephen Stern.</p>

<p>Elfin cloud forest at &quot;Siberia&quot; along the Old Road from Cochabamba, Bolivia.</p>

<p>The mist rolls in on the crew in &quot;Siberia&quot; along the Old Road from Cochabamba, Bolivia.</p>

<p>Donald McClelland (L) and Fabian Michelangeli at &quot;The Antennas&quot;.</p>

<p>A three toed sloth we stumbled across while collecting along the road from Trinidad to Loreto, Bolivia.</p>

<p>Stephen Stern (L) and Aquilino Molina (R) collecting along the road from Trinidad to Loreto, Bolivia.</p>

<p>Solanum moxosense M.Nee is a recently described a weedy species found only in the vicinity of Trinidad, Bolivia. Lat/long. 14&deg;50&#39;25&quot;S, 64&deg;54&#39;11&quot;W.</p>

Although the spines of Solanum poinsettiifolium Rusby might deter many botanists, the stunning flowers are a treat. Lat/long 14°48'43"S 64°53'30"W.

A member of the Gonatotrichum clade Solanum turneroides Chodat has explosive dispersal of its seeds. The heterantherous flowers are also a rare occurrence in the genus. Lat/long 17°58'S, 63°11'30"W.

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