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Previously published dichotomous keys

Not all groups are represented in the following selection of previously published dichotomous keys. More keys will be added in time, with the aim of covering all species in the genus Solanum

Key to the species of section Androceras. From: Whalen, M.D. 1979. Taxonomy of Solanum section Androceras. Gentes Herb. 11: 359-426

Key to species of the Solanum nitidum group. From: Knapp, S. 1989. A revision of the Solanum nitidum species group (section Holophylla pro parte: Solanaceae). Bull. Br. Mus. Nat. Hist. (Bot.) 19: 63-112.

Key to species of Solanum section Brevantherum. From Roe, K.E. 1972. A revision of Solanum section Brevantherum (Solanaceae). Brittonia 24: 239-278.

Key to species of the Lasiocarpa clade. From Whalen et al., 1981. Last modified by Bohs, L., 12/2005.

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